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„Krompach umí“ is a name of a project I started in Krompach in North Bohemia in the Czech Republic in 2013.

Why was the project born?
The project’s goal is to support more often communication among diverse neighbours in the village community via talking about their hobbies or professions. The name could be translated as „Krompach can do“ and it focuses on abilities of people in the community.

How it works in practice?
Neighbours listed on the webpage had given me the information about their hobbies. Based on that now people in the village see who can/like do what (which hobbies or professions).
Steps for contacting among neighbours:

  1. A person, who needs an advice in a certain theme, looks at the list on my webpage and looks up a person with the required experience.
  2. Here s/he also finds here an address and how to contact the neighbour.
  3. The person contacts his/her neighbour and both of them agree on place and time of their meeting. It is up to them, if one consultation helps or if the people keep in touch more often later too. The consultation is for free.

For whom could be the web database useful?
This webpage may be useful for the local people and weekenders in Krompach. The networking is voluntary, grows slowly and naturally.

There is a lot more to say about this interesting experience. For more information please write me an email to

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